“We are a small camp with a big heart That’s takes care of our Elephants."
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Where our elephants come from?
For thousands of years, elephants were captured and trained for transpotation and
heavy labour. This was a huge business in Thailand when logging was still legal, they
were made to move and carry heavy logs throught the rough terrains of the forest,
and this provided many jobs for the local Thai people, thankfully times have changed.

Here at Chang Sanctuary we play a different rolr; we believe that our Elephants
deserve the right to live a decent life in their natural Environment

Chang Sanctuary is not a circus or a show, there is no elephant painting, football games 
or performance shows here, this is a real experience that you'll memorize forever. We 
are a fair trade tourism organization that provides a good quality of life to all our 
Elephants and at the same time we provide jobs and security to the local people 
allowing them to make a honest living.

Here at Chang Sanctuary you can play a part and see this natural beauty for yourself, 
book Now for your once in a life time experience!

Elephants are an important part of Thai culture and the Thai way of lift. The money raised from your purchased visits, merchandise and donations are primarily used for our elephant rescue, food, veterinary care, infrastructure and land so we can constantly maintain the health of our Elephants and keep expanding the capacity of our Sanctuary.
“We are a small camp with a big heart That’s takes care of our Elephants."