“We are a small camp with a big heart That’s takes care of our Elephants."
Reservation Call : 086-301-3012, 099-6768786
2,700 BAHT

Pick up from hotel at 08.00 - 08.30 am.
Return to your hotel at 17.30 - 18.00 pm.
Price : 2,700 Baht/Person

With this program we drive for about 1- 1.30 hours to the jungle, this is located in the south of Chiang Mai. On the way there, we may stop at the local market as well to buy some foods for our elephants and guests.

We start 2 hours hiking adventure, we walk through a local village called Mae SapoK village this is where the Karen hill tribe people live.

After our visit to the local village, we then carry on through the jungle where you'll see some stunning natural waterfalls, here you can take a swim or just relax.

Then off we go to the Elephant Chang sanctuary, Our Elephant camp, here we will have a spot of lunch before visiting the Elephants.

After lunch, you'll change into traditional Karen clothing and learn the basics of how to take care of the Elephants including making vitamin balls and feeding.

After feeding, we take our Elephants for a bath this includes brushing and having a Mud Spa together, all good fun here!

Then it's time to say goodbye to our elephant and continue on to do some bamboo rafting for 45 minutes.

*Please note, the schedule is flexible, you might do the bamboo rafting before the hike in the morning or at the end of the day.*

*Collection times may vary slightly depending on your pick up location.*

We offer a free transfer service to all places of accommodation within a 5 km radius of Our office in Chiang Mai’s Old City and inside super highway. Transport from locations outside this area will incur a surcharge.

**Our vehicles normally are single- or dual-cab 4x4s with bench seats in the back covered by an open canopy.**